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MBA Courses Details, Types, Qualification, Admission and Syllabus

MBA Courses Details, Types, Qualification, Admission and Syllabus

MBA Courses & Fees at the University 2022. MBA Types, Qualification, Admission, Syllabus offers in the MBA colleges for students and Qualification of MBA join.

M.B.A Course Details:-

MBA is a 2-year master’s degree course in business administration, which addresses a wide range of academic disciplines related to business. Business Management, Marketing Skills, Business Skills, etc. are encouraged through this course so that its quality can be improved better.

The MBA provides a specialized framework to further enhance the quality of business education, marketing those subjects a comprehensive approach.MBA is mainly used to get acquainted with subjects like accounting, marketing, research, campaign management, etc. That is through this course, students gain prominence in all these subjects, which takes them to a higher level.

The prominence of MBA s highest in India. Because this is a course that can be done by a graduate student of any subject. Hence, the popularity of MBA courses in India is high as well as important.

Table of Contents of MBA

  • M.B.A Course Details

  • MBA Full Form

  • How Many Type of M.B.A

  • Qualification For M.B.A

  • M.B.A Admission Process

  • M.B.A  Syllabus

  • Types of M.B.A

What is the Full Form MBA:-

Full form in English is “Master of Business Administration”,” Master of Business Administration”.

The prominence of this course was very high from the middle of the nineteenth century and now it has become even more. MBA in Hindi is called Post Graduate in Business Management Which shows how effective it is for a better career.

If MBA is pronounced in Hindi, then it is clear that this course is designed to give a new height to business. A new record can be set in this industry by completing an MBA course.

MBA  full form can be expressed as follows.




Business of Master Administration

How Many Type of M.B.A:-

MBA courses are available in various modes and formats. Traditionally, a full-time MBA of two years duration has been a popular choice among management aspirants, however, in the past few years, executive MBA and online MBA have gained immense popularity among candidates seeking flexibility.

Below are mentioned the type of MBA which are available in different types:-

  • Full-Time MBA

  • Part-Time MBA

  • Distance MBA

  • Online MBA

  • Executive MBA

  • 5 year - integrated MBA

Qualification For M.B.A:-

To do a Master of Business Administration course, the student needs at least a 12th pass. In fact, MBA is done only after graduation, which takes 2 years. But if a candidate wants to do this course after the 12th, then they take 5 years to complete it.  i want to do this course after the 12th, then they take 5 years. 

According to the MBA Rules, before 3 years, they are taught all the skills of the business. In the remaining 2 years, all types of business-related information are provided.

But if MBA is done after graduation, then they have to give only 2 years` time. In which all the necessary business information related to the course is provided. Any graduate candidate is eligible for an MBA. provide that there should be at least 50% marks in graduation.

M.B.A Admission Process:-

The MBA admission process in top MBA colleges of India opens in the month of July/August every year. and closes after 2-3 months from the date of opening. Whereas colleges like IIFT, IIM, XLRI, NMIMS, SIBM, etc. open their admission process in July-August.

One can apply for an MBA in the following way which is completely based on the entrance exam.

The MBA admission process in MBA colleges is a four-stage process. These 4 steps of the admission process are applicable to all MBA colleges including IIMS. which is organized every year to select the most suitable candidate.

The Short Answer of how to do an MBA is as follow:-

  1. Register & Apply for MBA Entrance Exam

Candidates seeking admission to MBA colleges should apply for entrance exams like CAT/XAT/IIFT/NMAT/SNAP etc. within the specified registration window.

  1. Appear in MBA Entrance Exam

Required to pass in CAT/XAT/IIFT/NMAT/SNAP

  1.  Shortlisting Process

Shortlisting process starts after clearing the entrance exam.

  1. Final Admission Process

All shortlisted candidates will have to appear in Group Discussion (GD), Written Aptitude Test (WAT) followed by Personal Interview (PI). Based on their performance in the final selection round, admission score, academic profile, and weightage given to diversity, work experience, and gender diversity, the final merit list will be prepared, and after that admission starts.

M.B.A  Syllabus:-

MBA Semester 1st Syllabus:

  • Organizational Behavior

  • Marketing Management

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Quantitative Methods

  • Human Resource Management

  • Managerial Economics

  • Principles of Accounting

  • Microeconomics

  • Business Communication

  • Financial Accounting

  • Quantitative Methods and Statistics

  • Information Technology Management

MBA Semester 2nd Syllabus:

  • Organization Effectiveness and Change

  • Management Accounting

  • Business Law

  • Management Science

  • Operation Management

  • Optimization and Project Research

  • Economic Environment of Business

  • Marketing Research

  • Financial Management

  • Project Management

  • Management of Information System

MBA Semester 3rd Syllabus:

  • Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Strategic Analysis

  • Marketing Research

  • Managerial Economics

  • Legal Environment of Business

  • Corporate Governance and Business Ethics

  • Elective Course

MBA Semester 4th Syllabus:

  • Project Study

  • Leadership Development

  • International Business Environment

  • Ethics and Indian Ethos

  • Strategic Management

  • Integrated Decisions Making

  • Elective Course

  • Applied Business Research Project

Types of M.B.A:-

Most of the students are interested to know what are the types of courses in MBA. Since it is not defined how many courses are there in it.

The type, of course, is decided according to the interest of the candidate. Institutes and colleges offer many types of courses in which the student has to make sure that with which course he wants to continue his further studies.

To make a better career in MBA, it is very important to choose the course on the basis of interest. Actually, the student has to make sure his career goal beforehand is what he wants to do before entering this field.

Some of these are famous courses which are mostly done in India and their demand is more now than before. Such as Business Management, Marketing, Finance and Accountant, General Management, Operation Management, Human Resource Management, etc.

Some of the course types are listed below which are famous courses in MBA.

  • Decision Sciences

  • Economics & Social Sciences

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Finance & Accounting

  • Information Systems

  • Marketing

  • Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Management

  • Production & Operations Management

  • Public Policy

  • Strategy

  • Hospitality & Tourism Management

  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management

  • Food & Agriculture Business Management

  • General Management

  • Law

  • Pharmaceutical Management

  • Social Entrepreneurship

  • Entrepreneurship & Family Business

  • mAirline & Airport Management

  • Real Estate Construction & Management

  • Hospital & Healthcare Management

  • Telecom

  • Digital & Social Media Marketing

  • Events Management

  • Corporate Communication & Public Relations