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how to obtain a COVID-19 vaccination passport

how to obtain a COVID-19 vaccination passport

how to obtain a COVID-19 vaccination passport ,A vaccine passport is documentation that you have tested negative for specific infections or that you have been protected against them.

A vaccine passport is documentation that you`ve tested negative for specific infections or that you`ve been protected against them. You can keep it on you and display it if necessary, such as before entering the office, boarding a flight, or visiting a restaurant, movie theatre, or gym.

Countries may be able to restart cross-border travel without the need for quarantines. This would help to strengthen the economy while also restricting the disease`s spread.

How Do I Connect My Vaccine Certificate To My Passport?

The global travel sector has been rocked by the Coronavirus pandemic, which has severely limited mobility. Vaccines, on the other hand, have provided a hint of hope for travel, as international boundaries have increasingly opened up. The vaccination certificate acts as confirmation of not only the citizen`s safety but also the safety of the entire society. In light of this, it is critical to have one`s COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate connected to their passport, as it is a sort of international travel insurance for the destination country, ensuring that the traveler is protected against the virus and, as a result, will not spread it there.

1 . CoWIN Registration in Portal with Passport as the Photo ID

You must first create an account on the CoWIN website. Fill in the passport information in the photo ID area. After that, you must get immunised (both doses of the vaccine). Then go straight to Step 9 to get your Passport-linked Vaccine Certificate.

2. Determine whether any form of identification other than a passport was used for verification.

You will need to change your passport details if you have a CoWIN account and have been vaccinated with a different registered picture ID, such as an Aadhaar Card.

3. Go to CoWIN Website 

Go to the CoWIN website through https://selfregistration.cowin.gov.in/ and login to your account on the Cowin website using your registered mobile number.


4. Edit your details

After logging in to your account, click on the ‘Account Details’ section, and click on ‘Raise Issue’.

vaccination passport

5. Adding Passport Details -

You will now view three options. Among those, select ‘Add Passport Details to my vaccination certificate ’, a new page will open wherein the option of selecting which beneficiary’s passport details are to be added.

vaccination passport

6. Entering Passport Number and filling in the required details

This is a very important step as you can only change the passport details once, hence be very careful as no mistakes can be made here. Once the beneficiary has been selected, you can add the same in the ‘Enter Beneficiary’s Passport Number’ section and fill in details..


7. Confirming the Edit

Before confirming the change in the passport details, ensure the fact that the passport number is absolutely correct. Then proceed by approving the declaration statement by clicking on the box. Once you have rechecked the number and ticked the box, select ‘Submit Request’.

8. Text Message Confirmation from Cowin

The confirmation that the passport details have been updated will be notified to you via a text message on the mobile number that is associated with your CoWIN account. Please do not worry if the message is not received immediately as it may take a couple of minutes. The message of the successful update will be sent to you confirming the change.

9. Downloading the Passport Linked Vaccine Certificate -

Click on the ‘Account Details’ option and select ‘Certificate’ of the beneficiary whose passport details have been modified. Once you download it, you can see that the passport has been successfully linked to the vaccine certificate.

Why is it important to connect a passport to a vaccination certificate?

It is a recognized form of proof that a citizen traveling overseas has been completely vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. In the event of a necessary upcoming travel abroad, one may need to do the same. Citizens may be forced to travel abroad to continue their education, as offline instruction has begun in a few countries; business responsibilities, a new job, or relatives living abroad may become important reasons to travel internationally during the epidemic. As a result, it is safe to get fully vaccinated first and then have the passport connected to the vaccine certificate to enable easy travel without regulatory snags in these situations.

To make foreign travel easier, citizens must first be completely vaccinated with the required two doses of the vaccine, and then their passports must be linked to the vaccine certificate. Because the passport number cannot be changed, it must be entered correctly the first time. The passport-vaccine certificate should suffice for overseas travel until the destination country`s rules change in response to the COVID situation in India. Obtaining an INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL INSURANCE PLAN that meets your needs is another measure you should take to protect yourself.