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Online Car Rental Portal System using php and mysql

Online Car Rental Portal System using php and mysql

Online Car Rental Portal System using php and mysql and uses the php for logic and uses the mysql database to store the data and operation in Online Car Rental Portal System

online car rental project wherein which uses HTML for frontend design and also uses CSS, js, and so on, and for storing data uses the MySQL database which runs on xampp server, a project run in localhost in xampp. This car rental project on the user, side contains the details of the cars to be rented, and users can choose the cars, see the features, and so on also users get details about the cars and after the user can rent the cars by date interval with the specific cost. admin should the confirmation that users booking and users can get the cars for rent. On the admin side, the admin can manage the cars and users and also add the details of the cars, and so on where the admin can delete, update, insert and select Dbms operations can be done in the project. and for the project demo scroll down.

The technology used in the car rental PHP project

1. HTML - HTML used in this Page layout has been designed using this and also done the responsive way and all layouts are done using HTML or hypertext markup language.

2. CSS - CSS is used for all designed parts in the project and also used for all responsive designs done in CSS. were using CSS develops the animation and moving animation and so on.

3. JAVASCRIPT - All validation and animation propose using javascript where all the logic and validation, and animation are done using javascript and also used jquery also for the online shopping system.

4. PHP - PHP is used on this all the database logic like insert, delete, update, and display this is done using the PHP logic, and also admin logic is also there the project.

5. MYSQL - This is used to store the data used in this project and also contains the store procedure and trigger on this project in the database we store the data from the admin and performed the operation on the user side.

6. XAMPP or APACHE - a project run over an apache server and used the xampp for this project to run in localhost. example URL http://localhost/online-shopping-php-project.

supported operating system

  • 1. window
  • 2. Linux
  • 3. ubuntu

Cost and technology used in car rental project

Project Details - contact - +91 9964716807
project title DBMS project on an Online car rental portal using PHP and MySQL
project type mini project or DBMS project
Database used Mysql and xampp server
Project price 3000 INR
Project discount 500 INR
Final price 2500 INR
Documentation charges extra cost for documentation for all project
project setup Free